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Seattle is Among the World's Most Future-Ready Cities

In a recent article published by the Seattle PI, Daniel Demay declares “Seattle among the World’s Most ‘Future-Ready’ Cities,” according to a report released by Dell. As Demay begins, “say what you will about the tech boom in Seattle – it’s good for having a future-ready economy” as it was ranked 13th among 50 cities around the world.

Referencing the release from Dell, the article reads, “‘We live in a digital age in which the power of innovation to transform our world is all around us,’ said Liz Matthews, Dell’s executive director for corporate brand and purpose, in the release. ‘The cities where we live are faced with new challenges every day, from supporting a growing population and building a thriving culture, to fueling economic opportunity for everyone.’”

Demay continues with an explanation of the study, describing that it “measures whether people had the right skills to drive social and economic change, whether the infrastructure was ready to support progress and whether the economy could help sustain innovation and growth.”

Among the highlights? Education, “with 92 percent of adults holding a high school diploma and 23 percent having earned a master’s degree or higher” in addition to “internet access, with 88 percent internet adoption, putting it sixth in the world and No. 3 among large U.S. cities.”

Given that the Daily Journal of Commerce reported last December that Seattle’s population could surpass San Francisco’s by 2040 and that there are exciting new projects in the pipeline including NEXUS, recently announced by The Burrard Group, preparing for growth in the Emerald City is increasingly important and it feels good knowing that Seattle ranks well among the most renowned cities worldwide.

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Seattle is Poised for Tremendous Population Growth: Could Surpass San Francisco by 2040 according to Daily Journal of Commerce

Can you imagine a population in Seattle greater than that in San Francisco? Well, according to an article from The Daily Journal of Commerce, that imagined scenario may become a reality as early as 2040. As Nat Levy reports, “The Puget Sound Regional Council [PSRC] predicts another 1 million people will live in the central Puget Sound region by 2040” and “at least 160,000 of those new people will live in Seattle.”

A Washington Department of Licensing Report reveals growth now, as “a total of 20,979 out-of-state drivers obtained a Washington driver license” in October, a number up 6,382 from the previous year. Further, “the weekly average for the month of October 2015 compared with the same month a year ago increased by 15 percent.” Growth increase, largely attributed to the thriving technology sector, will mean a lot of things for Seattle, including increased demand for housing and affordability concerns. So what will the city to do address this growth?

First, the PSRC has established a Vision 2040 plan to anticipate and handle growth in the Puget Sound area. In addition, other groups are working to ensure the city handles consistent population growth well. Back in October, Annie Zak of The Puget Sound Business Journal described an initiative by the University of Washington called Urban@UW which addresses issues related to the nearly 62,000 residents the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue area added in 2014. As Zak describes, the group “aims to bring UW’s urban researchers together with Seattle officials and citizens to address the most pressing issues in the city and the Puget Sound region. These include transportation, homelessness, affordability, growth, the minimum wage and much more.”