NEXUS is Next in Line for Development and the Excitement is Building

A stroll down Howell Street will reveal seven tower cranes in a row between 8th and Minor Avenue as the northeast corner of downtown Seattle expands with billions of dollars in new developments.

“These sequential projects are like stepping stones that lead NEXUS to straight into the core of downtown Seattle,” said Michael Cannon, Sales Director for NEXUS. “The future is developing before our very eyes.  What was once a corridor commuters drove through to get to and from the CBD will soon become one of the most vibrant and dynamic residential communities in the region.”

Cannon recalls similar development trends in dense markets like Vancouver, BC, San Francisco and event San Diego where a combination of zoning, available land and market demand led to an expansive amount of new construction over a short period of time.

“We call it construction disruption,” adds Cannon.  “By the time the dust settles, the windows are washed and the storefront opens, the neighborhood will be completely reset.  There’s an exciting energy that takes place when thousands of new residents, jobs, businesses and services come together and it’s going to happen right before our eyes.”